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Zambezi River

Another aspect of Katima Mulilo is the Zambezi River, now I am not a Landscape Photographer but if one is looking for inspiration, this could serve as a good stop in Namibia. Located through Caprivi region, it is the heart of the people here. One could fish, swim and sit over a beer to have a royal conversation. I gather that if you’re moved by breathtaking sunsets and the breath of fresh air, this is all in you need in one. What is noteworthy, however, is that you do not need to pay, all it would cost you is fuel to get there, you could choose from a variety of hot spots down to Zambia or the other way around to Botswana. Be careful that you do not find yourself swimming in the deep, there are crocodiles and hippos.

There is free access to the river, as long as you do not swim alone, locals around? You are safe.