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Katima Mulilo has been and will always be an experience. One of my highlights however is the food sold at the market, ranging from Fish, Spinach, Millie Meal, Local Household Materials, Nuts, Beans and above all Onions. Out of all the business at the market, most of them are little eat out joints that are controlled by hardworking women, working from the morning hours until 13:00 which is the Lunch hour. The popular meal here is called Muhulo (which in Lozi, I presume, means Vegetables) which is accompanied by the Millie pap and Soup, it is well worth it. Here is a little review on the dish:

First glance, one would think it is cud from a Cattle’s stomach. It has a rich green look to it that makes it look rather uncooked, eating it? It taste like onions and it smells fresh. It is very healthy, because it is a staple food in Katima, it is widely sold and cooked wherever you go. If you’re invited to anyone’s home, chances are that this is on the menu and if so, do not be quick to avoid it. I recommend that you eat it, something new and yet filling cannot be refused. Continue on reading, there is more in-store.