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You probably know why he got the privilege of being the cover? Out of 5 of the greatest villains of all time (Khan), he ranks third on my list for his sharp intellect, war machine and a ruthless warrior.

That is not why I am posting this, the Movie #startrek – Epic! All that I expected has been displayed, the twists in the movie were on my part unexpected, really thought I had that department covered, not anymore so this was unpredictable. The gear, dialogue, costumes and design of the startrek enterprise as per usual excellent. Although I think that black girl has had her fair share, I would have been happier if anyone else was used. Not that I fancy all the darkness but I guess I cannot spoil the fun for die hard fans. I will rate it 8/10 because of Khan.

FavQuote: Khan:- Mr. Spock. The mind of the Enterprise. The fearless genius who ensures a calm force of intelligence guides their every mission. But look deeper and you will see an outsider who does not belong, a man of two worlds. This tears him apart, the constant battle between what he thinks and what he feels. What does he do? Does he follow his head, embracing logic and the path of reason? Or does he follow his heart, knowing the emotions he cannot control may destroy him? I will help him decide…