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“Most Countries do not have much viral travel, particularly Botswana” random thought from a friend as we talk about the trip we just had to Kasane. I on the other hand have a different perspective.

When visiting a place like Kasane, right by the border.. You will need a few things checked on your checklist. Here’s one, Mosquito repellent and second, more Mosquito repellent.

We are good to go, if you are sleeping at a Lodge on the banks or just camping, the Hippos and the Elephants could be heard in a distance. Depending on what time you travel, most recommended time would be September down to October.

I got a chance to get on a Boat, for starters, an amazing one with a Braai facility, toilet and super speed. I think it is South African inspired. Hippos, Crocodiles, Bulls and thousands of kinds of Birds are the easiest to see also, did I mentioned we were attacked by Hippos? Awesomely put, our boat was just a little faster. I just said that a little faster because it was just as fast.

I remember beautiful Sunsets, Fishing in a Canoe and good food at the Lodge. If you are going down to Botswana and not sure how to spend two or three more days, than I can safely advise that you check it out. I did not spend a penny on this one, a friend of a friend took me ☺

Here are some of the images I managed to take.