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I have decided to share some more on fellow Photographers in Namibia and one outstanding and young one is Andrew, raised in Ongwediva and now stretching forth to Windhoek, the young fellow now excels in Fashion & Wildlife Photography.

Not many come and remain in this competitive field of interest or lack off, but one thing is for sure out of the obvious many, Andrew is determined to stay.

Here’s a bit about Andrew to all the question filled enthusiasts. “A very big fan of life & tourism. I like to Dance (Alles mumwe) and Travelling, I am a go-getter and wherever I go, I stand my ground. I am 21 and a huge risk taker on life. I intend on making the most out of the life I am living, currently settling the comfort of the found self. Productivity always comes first” comments Andrew


  1. Why Photography? Because Photography is the best way to explore and see the wonders plus the beauty of nature. It opens your eyes wide up to see the unseen. 
  2. How do you keep your clients satisfied? Good & productive conversations during and after the shoot and I make bounty specials for them. Think of it as a cherry on the top.
  3. Who are your targets? The big shots in the media industry and upcoming talents are always worthy of a chance, I got mine too.
  4. Will you remain a Photographer? Yup, always! 
  5. Fun fact? I’m extremely goofy and entertaining. 
  6. Where will you want to Travel? Honestly, the whole world.
  7. What is your dream Camera? Canon 5D mark III
  8. A photographer you would like to work with onset? None yet.
  9. Who inspires you? The man above.
  10. Message to upcoming photographers? Free your mind, feel the environment and embrace your moment as you snap and  keep focus.



Andrews work can be found on his Facebook page, take a moment and check it out. or dial +264 81 4932682 – Enjoyed the post? Check in weekly for more. News and Rumors of the next Q&A out soon.